Mission Driven Devices

Each type of mission is different and requires an appropriate blend of process, technology, skills and knowledge.  One, without the other is a recipe for disaster. (more…)

High Quality Reliable Products

PFD uses hardware and Software products that are proven, reliable and well supported.  Anything short of this, is hobby junk and knock offs of real products. (more…)

Field Tested Hardware and Software

PFD has tested many products in extreme climate conditions.  This has given great focus and separated talk from action, marketing from reality.  Being cheap, can be very expensive.  (more…)

Custom Solutions

PFD produces custom technology integration services, training and mentoring, based on industry best practices and a proven track record.  (more…)

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Our Projects  and success stories are a hallmark of our quality products, services and attention to detail.

Why Choose Us

PFD is dedicated to the manufacturing, integration and supply of flight systems to support professionals that demand precision, quality and affordability.  Our clients and research partners range from professional photographers, film and videographers, mapping and remote sensing experts, industrial inspectors, to field scientists and government entities.
Technological Know-How
Technology advances are out pacing regulators ability to keep up with the constant evolution.  Our mission is to design and integrate affordable technologies that are precise and comply with national and local regulations and requirements.
Field Tested
PFD provides field tested hardware, software and training to make sure our clients are successful in their mission.  We are application and mission driven not quota driven, by yet another offshore electronics clone company.
You can depend on PFD to deliver high quality products that are field tested, precise and reliable.  PFD has relationships with select manufactures and research organizations to produce products that will withstand the rigors and demands of professional use.


Mission Driven Devices

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